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Product Details

Armytek Flashlight Filter

Stock: Red:  1 pc
Blue:  3 pc
Green:  3 pc
armytek zseblámpa fényszűrő lencse
  • armytek zseblámpa fényszűrő lencse
  • armytek zseblámpa fényszűrő lencse
3 990 Ft3990

Armytek Flashlight Filter


Filters for flashlights are developed and designed to extend the opportunities of usage and in fact make your device multifunctional and more efficient. Thus applying diffusors you get a wider beam that covers large area and provides perfect light for camping lighting and indoor usage. With such filters a flashlight is better suitable for close actions, reading, items search etc. 

  • Main attributes of the Armytek Flashlight Filters for Viking / Predator:


    Color filters are mainly used in tactical lighting. A blue filter is widely used with various night vision equipment as well as navigation devices. Blue light is also perfect for reading chart and maps. A green filter is suitable for hunting and tactical use as a beam of green light can’t be seen from aside and doesn’t disturb a game. Red filter has a larger number of applications. Some animals can’t see red light so it’s good for nigth hunting and is good for map reading because it doesn’t disturb night vision. Flashlights with red filters are also widely used for signage.

  • Type
    Color Filter
    Red / Green / Blue
    Red:  1 pc
    Blue:  3 pc
    Green:  3 pc
    Article No.
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