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Armytek Flashlight Mount

Stock: AMW-02:  3 pc
AMW-01:  4 pc
Armytek Flashlight Mount
  • Armytek Flashlight Mount
  • Armytek Flashlight Mount
  • Armytek Flashlight Mount
  • Armytek Flashlight Mount
  • Armytek Flashlight Mount
  • Armytek Flashlight Mount
3 810 Ft3810

Armytek Flashlight Mount


These weapon mounts make possible the mounting of Armytek or other flashlights on shotguns and rifles. Extended screws ensure the possibility to use the mounts barrels with larger diameter, while the thoughfull design construction makes the mounting possible on almost all types of weapons, including side-by-side and over and under double barrels.

  • Armytek Flashlight Mount

    The flashlight mounts are suitable for mounting Armytek flashlights (f.e. Predator or Dobermann) on shotguns and rifles, are made of durable steel for maximal reliability , while heat-resistant silicone inside cover helsp to avoid scratching and flashlight falling caused by recoil.

    The mount height enables to mount flashlights with the head diameter up to 42 mm.
    8 - 23.5 mm and 10.5 – 26 mm (AWM-01); 19.5 – 35 mm (AWM-02) are the ranges of mount diameter (when mounting the flashlights with 25.4mm body diameter).

  • Manufacturer
    AMW-02:  3 pc
    AMW-01:  4 pc
    Article No.
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