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AustriAlpin Cobra Nautic Buckle

Stock: 15 pc
AustriAlpin Cobra Nautic Buckle
  • AustriAlpin Cobra Nautic Buckle
8 900 Ft8900

AustriAlpin Cobra Nautic


AustriAlpin Cobra buckles are well known for their quality and strenght. The Cobra Nautic bears the same properties as the standard ANSI Cobra buckle, however its made of stainless steel polymer which makes it best choice for diving- and marine hardware.

  • Main attributes of the Cobra Nautic

    This high breaking strenght buckle is made of stainless steel alloy, thus it is perfect to be used for equipments used in severe oxidizing enviroments. Nautic operates the same way as ANSI Cobra buckles, which means it is protected against accidental-, and under weight opening.


    • Size: Accepts 45mm webbings

    • Material: Stainless steel alloy

    • Breaking strenght: 18kN

    • Opening strenght: 9kN

  • Type
    Nautic Cobra
    45mm (acceptable webbing width)
    Stainless steel alloy
    15 pc
    Article No.
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