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For more than 45 years, CORDURA® fabrics have been selected by makers of high-performance gear and apparel where durability counts.

It began in 1977 with the launch of CORDURA® brand 1000-denier air-jet textured nylon 6,6 yarns – a remarkably durable, yet practical fabric. Just a year later, JanSport® chose CORDURA® fabrics for their new line of daypacks. Giving the CORDURA® brand fabric line instant credibility. The rest, as they say, is history.

Today, you’ll find CORDURA® fabrics in many top brands that are known for making tough, long-lasting products. In fact, CORDURA® fabrics are trusted by many militaries around the globe. Over the years, the CORDURA® brand team has introduced and perfected a wide range of versatile fabrics. From the classic air-jet textured nylons to ultra-lightweight high tenacity nylon and polyester fabrics, all of our fabrics are considered best-in-class for durability and performance.

The future for INVISTA’s CORDURA® brand looks brighter than ever as it continues to expand into new categories. Which is no surprise. After all, engineering innovative fabrics are woven deeply into the CORDURA® brand DNA.


We at Dark Tactical know each and every virtue of original Cordura fabrics; that's why use these textiles to create our own products (mainly pieces of equipment and accessories for special operation military and law-enforcement units and workers) from the very beginning of our work. Of course, we are unable to produce every item our customers might need, or repair every piece of equipment - sometimes due to the shortage of time, limited resources, or other factors. However, we'd like to provide every necessary item and material for you to repair or make any equipment you need: that's why we offer you our original Cordura textiles from stock!

Through all these years, Cordura textiles proved their durability and quality from the roughest environments, from the deserts to the north and south poles.