1100 dtex Cordura - Coyote

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1110D Cordura textile

Original DuPont 1100D textile. Outstanding abrasion and tear resistant nylon textile. Cordura is the best choice for making heavy duty backpacks, safety garments and accessories. Double layered PU coating on the provides waterproof capabilities. Comes in 150cm width units.


Main attributes of the Coyote Cordura textile

Cordura is a high breaking strength, abrasion resistant textile which can withstand environmental effects on the long term thanks to its special material and weaving.

Unlike other similar textiles (like commercial grade nylon) Cordura is suitable to be used for producing heavy-duty equipment like backpacks, packs, weapon pouches. The coating on the backside provides the waterproof capability.

  • Material: 6.6 technical nylon
  • Base yarn thickness: 1100Dtex - 1000 Deiner
  • Average weight: 350g/mˇ2
  • Roll width: 150cm +/- 2cm

Sold for professional use! Please only order the products if you're familiar with the necessary technology and have the necessary tool park for working with this material. Our company does not take responsibility for the improper use of the material.

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