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DarkTac Inside Padding for Tactical Belts

Stock: 4 pc
DarkTac Inside Padding for Tactical Belts
  • DarkTac Inside Padding for Tactical Belts
  • DarkTac Inside Padding for Tactical Belts
3 490 Ft3490

DarkTac Inside Padding


This product improves the comfort of your tactical, duty or descending belt, by fixing in the inside of any belt with velcro.

The soft surface 3D mesh improves ventilation and keeps the area dry, while the 10mm thickness of padding adds to your comfort in any situation!

  • Main attributes of the DarkTac Inside Belt Padding:

    Made of soft surface 3D mesh to ensure ventilation and get rid of moisture, while with the 10mm thickness of the padding it improves the comfort level of any kind of Tactical or Rigger Belt with velcro attached.

    Please note, by using this Inner Padding for your belt, the thickness of the padding will ad to your waist size extra circumference! Because of this, oversized belts may be necessary!

  • Manufacturer
    Dark Tactical
    4 pc
    Product Code
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