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DarkTac FR Kit Medic pouch

DarkTac FR Kit Medic pouch
  • DarkTac FR Kit Medic pouch
  • DarkTac FR Kit Medic pouch
  • DarkTac FR Kit Medic pouch
  • DarkTac FR Kit Medic pouch
14 500 Ft14500

DarkTac FR Kit Medic Pouch


In duty conditions, propper treatment of injuries is high priority. For this we don't only need solid theoretical and technical background, but also quallity accessories and equipments are needed.

The FR Kit helps us to keep all of the first aid accessories in an ordered fashion while also provides easy handling.

  • Main attributes of the DarkTac FR Kit Medic Pouch:


    Simple made while also giving a wide range of variety according to the positioning of medical accessories, the FR Kit offers separatad place for every part of your first aid kit.

    Easily can be fastened on molle platforms or belts, while the velcro covered flap makes available to attach name-, group-, bloodtype patches.

    Flap closes with zipper and has a pulltab on the top for quick opening which makes it possible to open the pouch with move, after which we can see and handle everything in the pouch within seconds. Inner side of the flap is made with a webbing ladder and  custom adjustable shockcord for storage of gauze or other bandage, while on the back of the pouch three separate pouches take larger equipments, such as Chest Seals, decompression needles, nazo tubes, etc.


    Product does not contain first aid accessories, the price goes only for the pouch!

  • Manufacturer
    Dark Tactical
    Article No.
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