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DarkTac KMZ Molle Warbelt

DarkTac KMZ Molle Warbelt

DarkTac KMZ Molle Warbelt


KMZ molle warbelt is a low profile, modular built warbelt for various tasks which is compatible with most rigger and duty belts.

  • Main attributes of the KMZ Molle warbelt:


    KMZ warbelt has no buckle on it, but it is compatible with most duty and rigger belts, e.g. with the DarkTac Cobra and Baby Cobra belts.


    Hook velcro on the backside attaches to inner belts to raise the belts rigidity and prevent slipping in any direction which helps the handling of any equipment, be it magazines, radio or anything else.


    Molle platform of the belt is divided, between the center and side panels webbing loops are sewn on for carabiners or other fastening parts (e.g. grimlocks) or to attach H-harness. The side panels velcro closing openings between the molle rows allows the attachment of leg pouches or holsters on the shame belt which is used in the molle belt itself.


    KMZ molle warbelt has no padding to keep it low profile and support the users mobility, however you can choose the inner padding known from our First Liner belts.


    Other specifications of DarkTac KMZ Molle Warbelt:

    • For the KMZ molle warbelt we recommend our Baby Cobra belts, but you can use any kind of rigger or duty belt up to 44mm width.
    • Design of the KMZ molle warbelt comes in different sizes due to its design. Please choose the right size according to your waist size (recommended size is about 2/3 of the waist size).
    • Sizing goes for the length of the molle rows!
  • Manufacturer
    Dark Tactical
    Black / Olive / Coyote
    S (70cm); M (80cm); L (90cm); XL (100cm)
    1000D Cordura
    Product Code
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