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Product Details

DarkTac LightWeight Platecarrier

dark tactical cordura molle plate carrier mellény
  • dark tactical cordura molle plate carrier mellény
  • dark tactical cordura molle plate carrier mellény
  • dark tactical cordura molle plate carrier mellény
  • dark tactical cordura molle plate carrier mellény

DarkTac LightWeight Platecarrier


Plate carriers are widely used pieces of gear to carry and wear ballistic protection plates against projectiles with high velocity and energy, such as the NATO 5.56 round or the 7.62 rounds of the popular AK-47.


DarkTac Lightweight Platecarrier gives you even more with the durable and strong 1100D cordura base, on which we added mil-spec webbing for the molle system and injured carry handle, for which we use the same MIL-4088 standard webbing as the one we use to make our Cobra Tactical belts.


Due to its construction the Lightweight Platecarrier is low profile, light and durable while still having many options for modular systems.

  • Main attributes of the DarkTac Lightweight Platecarrier:


    Made of acrilate coated 1100D cordura and high quality mil-spec webbings, this platecarrier is strong and durable, the one you can always trust!


    No buckles or other plastic parts are used by this product to avoid even the smallest chance of damaged or broken parts. Instead of the standard buckles, we use the so called G-hook to fix the shoulder straps, which are flat to make sure they never disturb you while holding your weapon. They are made of quality stainless steel to ensure durability, while the design makes it possible to adjust the shoulder straps securely without adding any extra parts.


    Cummerbunds are as simple and low profile as possible, containing only the molle webbing and some plastic for stiffening, while the injured carry handle is made of our MIL-4088 standard webbing.


    On the front panel you have a kanguru pouch for papers, maps or even some magazines for your gun.


    For comfort we also added a pair of shoulder padding with sewed on 25mm wide elastic loops, which accepts most type of com cables, antennas or even lightsticks.


    Specification above goes for the sample product which can be seen on the pictures!


    Other attributes of the DarkTac Lightweight:


    Each of our plate carriers are made only for custom order because of different ballistic plate types and sizes available on the market, also the sizes of your body and bodytype, and even the intended use of the plate carrier may change many parts of the design.


    Each plate carrier made by our company contains the kenguru pouch on the front, fixed or separate cummerbunds (even in different desing than the sample on the pictures), the injured carry handle and a pair of shoulder pads.


    While contacting us about your custom plate carrier, please include the following information in your e-mail:

    • Type and size of the used ballistic plate(s), sizing given by the manufacturer as the exact dimensions of the plate(s).
    • What would you like to use the plate carrier for? (military or SWAT duty / standard law-enforcement duty / competing / etc.)n megadott testméretei
    • Rifle or carabine used by you, so we can adjust the size and design the kenguru pouch to your needs.
    • Any other thought or modification on the sample product, which you think would fit your need or preferences better.

    If it is possible, we recommend that you visit our shop (Hungary, 1074 Budapest, Huszár u. 10.; Open: Monday-Friday: 10-18h, Thursday: 10-19h) and bring your plates with you!

    On standard we can make your plate carrier in the following colors: Olive, Coyote, Black. For any other color or camoflague patterns please inquire by your order.

    The product does not contain ballistic plates!

    We do not stock the product, only make it for custom order! Please bear in mind that we take no responsibility for any misinformation in the description of the product!

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    Dark Tactical
    1100D Cordura
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