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Product Details

DarkTac Shooting Beanbag

Stock: 3 pc
dark tactical maroklőpárna babzsák
  • dark tactical maroklőpárna babzsák

DarkTac Shooting Beanbag


When it comes too precision shooting our precision and effectiveness can depend on just millimetres, but in many cases – especially in the case of bigger weapons – to make these small corrections is terribly hard.


This beanbag can help the shooter by placing it under the stock or even the barrel, with sqeezing the bag it will can raise the barrel or stock end of the gun only with a few milimeters.

  • Main attributes of the DarkTac shooting Beanbag:


    Made of uncoated cordura which is highly durable but still lightweight and soft enough to make it available to adjust the height just by squeezing the beanbag. The bag is filled with granulated rubber, which won't soak moisture, rot or get used up any other way.


    The beanbag has a small webbing loop to make it available to attach it on carabiners or other fastening parts which makes it easy to carry it between shooting positions.

  • Manufacturer
    Dark Tactical
    3 pc
    Article No.
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