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Hunter medic kit

Hunter medic kit
20 885 Ft
Discount: 18 770 Ft18770
Begin: 20/01/2017   While stock lasts.

Hunter medic kit


The Dark Tactical Hunter medic kit was assembled by cooperating with civilian and military medical personel. These kits can treat  gun shot wounds and can be expanded prior the users needs.

  • Hunter medic kit


    The Hunter kit is designed to provide professional personnel with a compact and durable individual hemorrhage control kit to treat bleeding from penetrating and other traumatic injuries. Includes a tourniquet, compressed gauze, a pair of extra tick nitril gloves, Israeli bandage and a CPR mask with one way valve.



    • 1 x NAR CAT tourniquet gen7.

    • 1 x NAR Talon nitril glove

    • 1 x CPR mask

    • 1 x Ez Gauze compressed sterile gauze

    • 1 x 15cm x 4,5m izraeli bandage

    • 1 x RUSH Nazo Tube with lube

    • 1 x Survival blanket

    The picture above is only an illustraion, some parts are missing on it!

    For professional use only!

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