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DarkTac Pink Liner Tactical Belt

Stock: L (100-120cm) + Yes:  0 pc
L (100-120cm) + No:  1 pc
M (90-110cm) + Yes:  0 pc
M (90-110cm) + No:  1 pc
S (80-100cm) + Yes:  0 pc
S (80-100cm) + No:  0 pc
XS (65-80cm) + Yes:  0 pc
XS (65-80cm) + No:  1 pc
DarkTac Pink Liner Tactical Belt
  • DarkTac Pink Liner Tactical Belt
20 000 Ft20000

Dark Tactical Pink Liner Tactical Belt


Pink Liner is our unique new product which unites the pros of duty- rigger- and descending belts in one item to make it compatible with standard belt looped and molle holsters and pouches while giving the opportunity of safe and reliable descending. Now all this available for ladies!


For improved comfort, you can add Internal padding for your Pink Liner any time with velcro!


Certified AustriAlpin Cobra buckle with descending eyelet placed on the belt is the highest quality and most reliable buckle of its type with 18kN breaking and 9kN opening strength to ensure your safety!

  • Main attributes of the Dark Tactical Pink Liner Tactical Belt:

    Pink Liner belt series of Dark Tactical is meant to be a solution well known by many operatiors during missions.


    Duty belts are easy to handle and a range variety of holsters can be bought for them, however most types does not meet the requirements of a descending belt and many special pouches (first aid pouches, carabine magazine holsters etc.) are hard to find, especially in good quality.


    Molle warbelts give a wide range of modularity, you can buy any holster and pouch you want, the extra padding gives you comfort during longer missions, but mostly they don't take any belt looped holsters, neither are they compatible with any descending harnesses and might be bulky in certain situations.


    In case of assembling a heavy weight rig, you can add an inner padding any time, made especially for the Pink Liner belt, for this, please choose the "Inner Padding" option.


    The use of descending harnesses or belts are safe and reliable, but they hardly are compatible with any kind of rigger or molle belt, which might cause the loss of time and tactical advantage.


    Pink Liners special design makes it perfect as a standard duty belt with velcro on the inside, 44mm width is compatible with almost every belt looped pouch and holster, while the webbing which meets the requirements of MIL-4088 standard combined with the best quality AustriAlpin Cobra buckle gives you the opportunity to use it as a reliable descending belt, while the 10mm wide webbing on both sides of the belt makes it compatible with any kind of molle pouches.


    Like this the Pink Liner keeps you ready in any situation without changing anything on your equipment, to ensure your first place in any situation!

    Be prepared, be First in the Line!

    Other specifications of the Pink Liner Tactical Belt:

    • Unlike similar products made of 50mm webbing, the Pink Liner is made of 44mm webbing to make it compatible with as many accessories and pants as possible.
    • Product shipped from stock, no production time needed!
    • Sizing goes for waist size!
  • Manufacturer
    Dark Tactical
    S / M / L (80-100cm / 90-110cm / 100-120cm)
    L (100-120cm) + Yes:  0 pc
    L (100-120cm) + No:  1 pc
    M (90-110cm) + Yes:  0 pc
    M (90-110cm) + No:  1 pc
    S (80-100cm) + Yes:  0 pc
    S (80-100cm) + No:  0 pc
    XS (65-80cm) + Yes:  0 pc
    XS (65-80cm) + No:  1 pc
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