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More than 50 years of experience ensures quallity and realiability in case of the ESSL products. The company - named after its founder Georg Essl - desings and produces military, hyking and mountaneering backpacks since decades, while their products became popular amongst military and law enforcement personel, hikers and climbers. ESSL is a supplier of the Bundesheer (the Austrian Armed Forces), designed and manufactured products for companies like Glock. As it can be seen, backpacks made by this austrian company are not only available for reasonable prices, they also offer quallity and durability.

Most of the rucksacks are made of rip-stop nylon - a woven material which contains reinforcing yarns. If the bag suffers any kind of damage, these yarns provide the needed extra strenght to prevent further tearing of the fabrick. Most packs also have an impregnated inner layer to make sure your backpack can whitstand with the changes of the weather. Rip-stop nylon is not only durable, but also very lightweight which makes it perfect for minimalist hikers, military and law enforcement workers who needs or want to keep weight of their equipment at minimum.

Every product of the company is created with carefull design work, based on multiple decades of experience in making backpacks and rucksacks always keeping the product practical with high quallity and great reliability. In their product range we can still find the old school linen backpacks of our grandparents, but their true potential is shown in their more modern hiking and duty products.

Quallity standards are easy to recognize: ESSL gives two year warranty for each of its products!

Co-workers of Dark Tactical put ESSL backpacks through extensive testing in field-work: our most used sample was with us on almost 1000km on foot, helped us by moving, carrying goods, came with us on holidays. After this we van say from experience: you will love your ESSL backpack as a reliable partner in almost any situations!