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Product Details

ESSL 35 liter Tour Pack

Stock: 5 pc
essl 35l katonai rip-stop túra hátizsák
  • essl 35l katonai rip-stop túra hátizsák
34 990 Ft34990

ESSL 35 liter Tour Pack

This slim designed tour pack has all the benefits of a larger backpack, despite its smaller volume.

Padded back, shoulder straps and waist band ensures comfort, while the compression straps and sewed on fastening point give large variety of modularity.

The rucksack is made of Rip-Stop nylon, with mil-spec webbings and plastic parts to keep the unloaded weight of the pack low, but still ensure durability and quality.

  • Main attributes of the ESSL 35 liter Backpack:


    The main compartment can be separated to two parts, to keep your equipment in order, which is also supported with the zipper closing pouches on the top and the waist band, also the velcro closing pocket on the front can hold small objects.

    Height of the shoulder straps can be adjusted with webbing ladder, which is covered with breathable 3D mesh for comfort. The top fixes to the pack with buckles, so it can be removed and used as a separate small backpack.

    Compression straps on the sides and top of the rucksack can hold further equipments, or you can shrink the size of the bag with them.

    Sewn in raincover makes sure to keep your backpack and all the stuff in it nice and dry.

  • Type
    35 liter backpack
    35 L
    Rip-Stop nylon
    5 pc
    Article No.
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