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ESSL 41 liter Hunting Bag

Stock: 0 pc
ESSL 41 liter Hunting Bag
  • ESSL 41 liter Hunting Bag
  • ESSL 41 liter Hunting Bag
  • ESSL 41 liter Hunting Bag
  • ESSL 41 liter Hunting Bag
  • ESSL 41 liter Hunting Bag
  • ESSL 41 liter Hunting Bag
  • ESSL 41 liter Hunting Bag
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ESSL 41 liter Hunting Bag


The Hunting is special made backpack which is ideal for shorter trekking, hiking or even hunting.


In the main compartment even several days of equipment may be stored, while in the front pocket any accessories which need fast accessibility may take place. On the many compression straps placed on the bag, further accessories can be placed, such as trekking sticks or even guns.

  • Main attributes of the ESSL 41 liter Hunting Backpack:


    Main compartment opens from top, so a huge amount of equipment can be stored here and of course the top has a zipper pocket to store further pieces of equipment.


    Every side of the bag has compression straps, which can help us to fix tracking sticks, guns, sleeping bags or any other accessories in an easily accessible and safe way. On the front side the bag has two smaller pouches for further equipment, and it is also able to take many kind of camelbacks or other reservoir systems due to the inside pocket and tube opening on the top. 


    Wide padded shoulder straps and waist band ensures comfort on long term use.


    Simple construction and special solutions make this bag perfect not only for hiking and several days tracking, but also hunting or almost any other outdoor activity, where you might need large amount of equipments and fast accessibility.

  • Type
    41 liter Hunting Bag
    41 L
    Rip-Stop Nylon
    0 pc
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