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ESSL 85 liter Tour Pack

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ESSL 85 liter Tour Pack
  • ESSL 85 liter Tour Pack
28 990 Ft28990
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ESSL 85 liter Tour Pack


Smaller version of the 100 liter Tour Pack which compensates smaller volume (85 liter) with increased modularity and more outer pockets.


Ideal for longer trips or tours thanks to it light-weight and durable rip-stop nylon material.

  • Main attributes of the ESSL 85 liter backpack:


    Minimalist design bag similar to the 100 liter Tour Pack, which compensates lower volume with zipper closed side pockets and mesh pocket on the waist band for easy access of the equipment. The bag has two side pockets closing with zipper, one of them is able to hold many kinds of water reservoirs, also has the opening for the camelback tube.


    On the bottom the backpack has two small pockets for water bottles or any other small, easy accessible items.


    Made of light-weight, durable rip-stop nylon, padded shoulder straps and waist band ensures comfort during all-day use, combined with 3D mesh on the backside for ventilation and reduced sweating on the back.


    Main pocket opens from the top, has a zipper closing pouch and two compression straps.


    In case of more space needed, RU85 can be upgraded with side pockets like RU100, or compressions straps take equipment on they own.

  • Type
    85 liter Tour Pack
    85 L
    Rip-stop nylon
    0 pc
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