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Product Details

Earwear earplug - Intro Line Relax

Stock: 6 pc
Earwear relax füldugó
  • Earwear relax füldugó
  • Earwear relax füldugó
  • Earwear relax füldugó

Earwear earplug - Intro Line Relax


Sometimes you have to move fast. That's why Earwear developed these introductory standard products that you can pick up and use straight away. This line is manifactured in soft silicone and is incredibly comfortable to wear.


  • Main attributes of the Intro Line Relax earplugs:


    We recommend the Relax earplugs for law-enforcement workers or soldiers on the go. The filter of this product attenuate sounds stronger than 24dB.

    What does this mean? You'll be able to hear your surroundings loud and clear, while distant noises or strong, sudden sounds (like gunshots or sirenes) will be much softer.

    Soft, high quallity silicone of the products remains comfortable even after several hours of use, while it is also durable.

    The silicone plugs are also compatible with most intra aural type earphones.

    Package contains:

    • Two pairs of earplugs (two sizes, M and L)

    • One pair of 24dB filters


  • Type
    M and L
    Silicone rubber
    6 pc
    Article No.
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