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Fotofile Mini Backpack III

Stock: 1 pc
Fotofile Mini Backpack III
  • Fotofile Mini Backpack III
  • Fotofile Mini Backpack III
  • Fotofile Mini Backpack III
  • Fotofile Mini Backpack III
29 000 Ft
On Sale: 15 000 Ft15000
Begin: 17/08/2017   While stocks lasts!

Fotofile Mini Backpack III


This photo backpack is designed for nature photographers or for those who are always on the road. The bag provides the needed protection for the equipment, while making the carriage of your stuff comfortable with the 3D mesh on the backside of the pack and on the adjustable shoulder straps. The bag can hold every piece of equipment for a professional photo shooting, while the main compartment is fully customizable!

  • Main attributes of the Fotofile Mini Backpack III:


    The backpack is padded and reinforced on every side to give the suitable protection for DSLR cameras, while giving you comfort with the 3D mesh covered back panel and shoulder straps to ensure you won't regret carrying this bag even on longer trips or journeys. The main compartment can be customized with velcro fixing panels, to ensure the bag always suits your needs.

    The front and side pocket can hold your personal stuff or accessories, notes, memory cards, batteries, tablets and many other things. Thus, you don't have to carry another bag for a day-long photo shoot, furthermore, the Fotofile Lens pouches can be mounted on the side platforms of the backpack!

  • Manufacturer
    1 pc
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