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West Coast Chain Manufacturing is an employee-owned company that manufactures and distributes high-quality security products worldwide. We are most famous for the Original KEY-BAK® Retractable Keychain, designed and built in the USA with globally sourced materials. Although it is often copied, it has never been matched in quality, durability or function.

West Coast Chain Manufacturing Co. founder W.R. Lummis invented the Original KEY-BAK® Self-Retracting Key Reel in 1948. As a switch man on the Pacific Electric Railway in Los Angeles, he saw brakemen and switch men injured when their dangling key chains got caught on moving trains.

Lummis had an idea for a reel that would keep keys within reach at the wearer's side, safe from snagging on moving rail cars and machinery. His idea became the first KEY-BAK.

Over 70 years later, our namesake retractable key chain has evolved into a variety of styles and configurations designed to secure keys and tools in any application. If you're looking for a reliable key retractor to secure your keys trust a KEY-BAK.