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Product Details

Kirinite Handle Material Toxic Black

Stock: 6,35mm (1/4 inch):  1 pc
9,52mm (3/8 inch):  5 pc
Kirinite markolat panel toxic black
  • Kirinite markolat panel toxic black
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5 950 Ft
Discount: 4 445 Ft4445
Begin: 24/05/2018   While stocks last!
Unit price: 2 223 Ft/db

Kirinite Handle Material


Kirinite is a really interesting new handle material that has emerged in the past ten years or so, and made a big splash in the world of knife handles and gun grips. It’s made from a toughened acrylic with very thin colored strands of poly paper swirled through the mix.

  • Main attributes of the Kirinite Handle Material:


    Kirinite is an acrillyc based material mixed with coloured poly paper strands, which gives the panels a special swirling, mixed pattern.


    Kirinite may be easily worked by sanding or scraping-rasping, after reaching the final form it can be polished. Another plus in the aesthetic side of things, as far as kirinite goes, is that it takes a fantastic polish without becoming slick and hard to grip.


    Other specifications of Kirinite:


    We recommend this type of handle material for anyone making custom knives or firearm grip panels, because it's easy to work with while it's also very durable and light weight.


    Sheets with different patterns may differ in hardness because of the filament content. Test grinding is always recommended with new patterns before beginning the actual work!


    Price goes for two pieces of kirinite sheets!


    Kirinite sheets are available in the following sizes:

    • Width: 40mm
    • Length: 150mm
    • Thickness: 6,35mm and 9,52mm

    For professional use only!

  • Manufacturer
    6,35mm (1/4 inch):  1 pc
    9,52mm (3/8 inch):  5 pc
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