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Product Details

Krylon Fusion Paint - Flat White

Stock: 12 can
Krylon álcafesték fehér
  • Krylon álcafesték fehér
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3 990 Ft3990
Unit price: 9.98 Ft/ml

Krylon Fusion Paint - Flat White

  • Main attributes of Krylon Fusion Paint:


    The Krylon Fusion spray paint is designed especially for heavily stressed equipment and parts.

    The paint is abrasion resistant, it can withstand even the heat that firearms create on the barrel after many shots. The surface will be ultra flat which helps hiding f.e. in military or hunting use.

    Krylon Fusion paint does not need any sanding or primer, the surface can be painted any time (on cleaned, dry surface the durability will improve!)

    Dry to touch after 15 minutes, the next layer may be added after an hour. Fully chip-resistant after 7 days.

    For use with:

    Wood, Wicker, Wrought Iron, Plastic, Hard Vinyl, Glass, Plaster, Ceramic, Paper, Paper Mache.

    Recommended for:

    Military and law-enforcement, airsoft, paintball, any heavily stressed surface

    Be advised! This product contains ingredients with high toxicity, due to this it is not meant for household use! By purchasing the product you admit that you handle and use the product in a professional way and have the neccessary equipment and knowledge for professional use and handling.

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