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Product Details

Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint

Stock: 8 pc
Krylon tükör festék
6 985 Ft6985
Unit price: 29 Ft/ml

Krylon Looking Glass spray paint for decoration


Every glass surface can be transformed to mirror-like, highly-reflective decoration. Use it on sheets of glass, vases or any other glass material, Looking Glass is the ideal tool to make your shelves and home beautiful.

  • Main attributes of Krylon Looking Glass Spray Paint:


    This special paint was designed to use on glass surfaces, to make glass decorations more attractive by giving a highly-reflective, mirror-like surface, while Krylon quallity guarantees the paint a long lasting, durable surface.


    After shaking the container Looking glass should be sprayed on flat surfaces from 25-30cm, or in case of vases and similar things, with multiple small sprays at the mouth to prevent uneven painting. 


    Looking Glass is dry-to-touch after five minutes, after an hour the painted surface can be used normally. For best performance it is recommended to clean and degrease the  surface before applying and the full one hour drying time is to be waited.

    Be advised! This product contains ingredients with high toxicity, due to this it is not meant for household use! By purchasing the product you admit that you handle and use the product in a professional way and have the neccessary equipment and knowledge for professional use and handling.

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