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Kydex Sheet 30x30cm - Tan

Stock: 1,5mm:  0 sheet
2mm:  4 sheet
  • kydex-Lemez
2 490 Ft2490

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Kydex sheets in four different sizes

  • Main attributes of Kydex Sheets:

    • Thermoplastic sheet of kydex
    • Thickness: 1,6mm; 2mm; 2,4mm
    • One side is textured, which prevents the equipment from slipping around, the other side is smooth, which prevents the carried equipments surface.
    • Can be pressured after heating, like this it can take the exact form of almost any equipment.
    • Holsters made from kydex hold the equipment, but thanks to the flexibility of the plastic, it never sets the draw of your equipment back!
    • One sheet is a  30cm X 30cm (0,09m2)
    • With buying more sheets, you can order longer sheets (30cm X 30cm; 30cm X 60cm; 30cm X 90cm; 30cm X 120cm)
      • Maximum 4 (four) units can be ordered as one sheet (30cm X 120cm; 0,36 m2). If your order contains more than four units, we will send the remaining units as a new sheet (FYI: six units will be sent in one 30cm X 120cm, and one 30cm X 40cm sheet)


    For professional use only!

  • Manufacturer
    1,5mm:  0 sheet
    2mm:  4 sheet
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