Milfoam Forrest Bore Cleaning Foam 90 ml

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Milfoam Forrest Bore Cleaning Foam 90 ml
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Milfoam Forrest Bore Cleaning Foam 90 ml

Milfoam Bore Cleaning Foam is a high quality foam designed to clean the barrel. The foam reacts with copper, powder and charcoal so that after 20 minutes of insertion into the hose the barrel makes it perfectly clean. The foam is very dense, so it does not flow into undesired places and tightly fills the inside of the barrel. It is removed using a wiper.

This product is practically odorless, contains no ammonia and does not emit toxic fumes. It is also safe for the oxide and does not corrode the steel.

The foam has been given the NSN (NATO Stock Number) number, was also examined and positively reviewed by the Polish WITU (Military Institute of Armament Technology).

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