Olfa LFB-5B 18mm teflon coated blade

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Olfa LFB-5B 18mm teflon coated blade
1 090 Ft
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New blade cuts two times as fast through cardboard! Coating sharp edged ExcelBlack with fluorine reduces friction when cutting LFB, with long-lasting exceptional initial cutting power, stands out from the crowd ! Coated polished surface of the LBB, which is honed by two steps for added durability and continuing high quality, with fluorine. Fluorine allows knife edge to slide smoothly when cutting and reduces friction by half compared to the Excel Black Blade. It means that when cutting a cardboard, blade generates 50% cut less resistance.


The blade’s name SPEED BLADE is laser-marked on every blade not to mistake it for the LBB blade.

We recommend the blade to wide range of market, from professional to any user of utility knives. In warehouses, factories and shops, where sharpness of knives are highly required when opening or cutting off cartons, they will find the Speed Blade really practical.

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