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Ultrafire 18650 Battery Charger

Stock: 1 pc
Ultrafire 18650 Battery Charger
7 890 Ft7890

Ultrafire 18650 Battery Charger


Battery Charger for 18650; 14500; 17500 and 17670 sized lithium batteries.

  • Ultrafire 18650 Battery Charger


    WF-139 charger for Li-Ion rechargeable batteries. Compatible with 3,7V Li-Ion batteries: 14500, 17500, 17670, 18500, and 18650. Supplied with special adapter can be used in the car.


    • Model: WF-139

    • Input1: 100-240V AC; 50-60 Hz

    • Input2: 12V DC; 400 mA

    • Output: 4,2V DC 450 mA

  • Manufacturer
    1 pc
    Article No.
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