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Chalk pencil

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Chalk pencil
290 Ft290
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Chalk pencil


Be it kydex, cordura or any other material, during the making of a workpiece we need noumerous markings, measure lines, etc. which might give us headaches sometimes to remove after the piece is done. This special pencil however leaves a nice visible mark while being easyli removable from most surfaces!

  • Main attributes of the chalck pencil


    Contrary to most coloured and white pencils, this one does not contain any kind of oil or grease. which makes removing the marks after work easy and fast just with a wet sponge or rag.

    The pencil leaves its mark with almost no pressure thus leaves no scrathmarks, which makes it great for softer or more delicate materials.

    We reccomend this product bravely for our kydex, cordura, webbing and other materials!

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