Heat resistant masking tape

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Heat resistant masking tape

Blue Dolphin Washi Tape is an ultra-high quality rice paper tape that demonstrates phenomenal results in painting work. Ultra-thin rice paper blocks the ingress of paint under the tape and creates razor-sharpened paint lines. The tape has exceptionally smooth and neat paint lines that are better than other paint strips.

This traditional Japanese method is a unique process that produces a masking tape with many advantages. It is made only of rice paper, so it is very thin and at the same time extremely durable, and it does not absorb moisture. This means that it is conveniently applied to surfaces, and after painting the edge of the cut off colours looks impressive.

Thanks to this, you can easily and conveniently protect all painted surfaces. It was equipped with a special BLOCKER to prevent paint leakage. As you can see, Washi is a tape that uses traditional methods and modern solutions. Importantly, it can remain on the surface for up to 60 days, and after its rupture, no trace remains.



Main attributes of the heat resistant masking tape


  • Top-quality tape;
  • Ultra Strong
  • Razor-sharp paint lines;
  • Quality adhesives;
  • Blocks paint penetration;
  • Ultra-thin rice paper technology;
  • Easily peeled off in over 60 days;
  • No adhesive residue after peeling off the adhesive tape;
  • Recommended for the automotive sector
  • It does not detach from the surface by itself;
  • The paint does not absorb into the tape;
  • 60 days of UV resistance;
  • Medium stickiness;
  • Made in Japan


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