ORCA Hypalon Black

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ORCA Hypalon Black
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ORCA Hypalon Black

Hypalon is a synthetic rubber laminate, made to withstand extreme strains. Some of its great qualities are: high resistance against most chemical substances, heat, and moderate flame resistance, resistance against mineral oils, withstands most weather and environmental factors. High UV resistance and non-fading color makes this material perfect for manufacturing highly durable products, while its non-porous construction makes it antibacterial and prevents the impact of fungi. The material can be cut with laser or even hand tools (scissors, blades, etc.), while the laminate constructions prevent the edges from linting, which makes binding unnecessary while the parts can be welded with most techniques used on plastics.


Main attributes of the ORCA Hypalon:

Hypalon and similar laminates have been used extensively in the past years in the manufacturing of military and law-enforcement products. Strong and durable materials which can be cut with CNC technology made the construction of durable and lightweight equipments faster and more cost efficient. ORCA Hyplaon is sewable, weldable and punchable, edges are unlinting even if they were cut with scissors, blades or punches.


  • Product is sold by meter
  • Width: 150cm
  • Thickness: 0,8mm
  • Weight:
  • Color: Black
150cm (width)
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