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Mini Carabiner

Stock: Fekete:  0 pc
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  • Paracord-Mini-Karabiner
150 Ft150
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Mini carabiner


Quality carabiner made of steel, which can be used for key chains, bracelets or any other accessories made of paracord. Fast and easy opening, low weight and good durability.

  • Main attributes of the mini carabiner:

    The carabiner can be used to hold accessories like keys, flashlights, or other accessories, due to its steel material it is durable and lightweight.

    Other specifications of the carabiner:

    • Length: 25mm
    • Width: 10mm
    • Hole diameter: 4mm
    • Weight: 2g
  • Ordered QuantityDisc.Product Price
    1 pc more thanless than 5 pcNo!150 Ft/pc
    5 pc more thanless than 10 pc5 %143 Ft/pc
    10 pc more thanless than 25 pc10 %135 Ft/pc
    25 pc more than 15 %128 Ft/pc
  • Material
    Fekete:  0 pc
    Szürke:  0 pc
    Ezüst:  0 pc
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