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Product Details

Precision masking tape

Stock: 9 pc
Precíziós maszkoló szalag
1 500 Ft1500
Unit price: 1 500 Ft/db

Precision masking tape


This single sided masking tape made with polyester based bearer can be removed up to seven days without permanent adhesive marks! Heating up the precision masking tape with a heat gun or other heat source gives the opportunity to fit the masking tape even in the smallest gaps, to get a perfect form following masking layer on the workpiece.

  • Main attributes of the Precision masking tape:

    This polyester based masking tape not only protects the surface from abrasion and other mechanical effects during work, but it is also suitable for making the most delicate masking layers by heating the tape after application, which makes lots of work processes faster and easier.

    After applying the tape to the surface, use a heat gun or other heat source to heat up the masking tape. The tape will react with moderate shrinkage and fit even the smallest gaps and texture details. Thanks to the high-performance adhesive material, the masking tape remains completely removable without trace, which makes it perfect for making kydex holsters.

  • Manufacturer
    48mm X 36m
    9 pc
    Article No.
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