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Product Details

Sewable plastic

Stock: 1 mm:  0 pc
1,5 mm:  0 pc
2 mm:  0 pc
varrható műanyag lap
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240 Ft240
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Sewable plastic sheet

These soft plastic sheets may be easily sewn with any sewing machine and are ideal to give rigidity to your custom made equipment, be it a magpouch, belt or even a backpack.

  • Main attributes of the Sewable Plastic Sheets:


    Available in three different thicknesses, only in black! Varying the rigidity by choosing plastic sheets with different thickness allows you to customize your equipment.


    Other specifications of Sewable Plastic Sheets:

    • Available in three different thickness

    • Product is 100 cm wide, sold in 10 cm units. (Available sizes: 10 cm X 100 cm; 20 cm X 100cm tec. up to 200 cm X 100cm)

    For professional use only!

  • Manufacturer
    Dark Tactical
    25cm X 25xm (unit); 1mm, 1.5mm, 2mm (thickness)
    1 mm:  0 pc
    1,5 mm:  0 pc
    2 mm:  0 pc
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