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Product Details

Kydex Metal Belt Loop

Stock: 12mm + 45-50 mm:  14 pc
12mm + 32-45 mm:  15 pc
20mm + 45-50 mm:  0 pc
20mm + 32-45 mm:  15 pc
Acél övbújtató kydex tokokhoz
  • Acél övbújtató kydex tokokhoz
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2 500 Ft2500
Unit price: 1 250 Ft/db

Steel Beltloop


Most common problems with kydex holsters are caused by beltloops made of kydex. This thermoplastic material is great for making the body of the holsters, but in case of beltloops, the repeating twisting and bending moves may crack or even break the plastic, which will lower the performance even of the best holster. 


After realising that kydex belt loops does not fit the purpose they're made to, we started searching for the solution and found it in these durable and easy to handle steel beltloops. Construction and material ensures that the loops will never break, however it's still easy to place the loops in another position, or to put them on another holster of your choice. By choosing the size of the spacers and screws, you can order the best possible variation for yourself.

  • Main attributes of the steel belt loops:


    Thanks to the material and construction, these belt loops can withstand the forces which are generated by the use of the holster on the belt loops. Fitting with screws, it's easy to change position or put the loops on other holsters.


    By choosing the right type of spacers and screws for your loop, even the thickest rigger belts are no problem.


    The kit contains: 2 pieces of steel belt loops, comes with spacers and flathead screws


    Other specifications of the steel beltloops:

    • Length: 75mm
    • Width: 15mm
    • Hole diameter: 6mm
  • Manufacturer
    Dark Tactical
    See in description
    Steel, Polyamide
    12mm + 45-50 mm:  14 pc
    12mm + 32-45 mm:  15 pc
    20mm + 45-50 mm:  0 pc
    20mm + 32-45 mm:  15 pc
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