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Product Details

Welded Stainless steel D-ring 50mm

Stock: 0 pc
Welded Stainless steel D-ring 50mm
  • Welded Stainless steel D-ring 50mm
550 Ft550
Out of stoc!

Welded Stainless steel D-ring


Welded stainless steel D-ring made of high breaking strenght material, which is perfect for making attachment points.

  • Main attributes of the Welded Stainless steel D-ring


    Made of high breaking strenght stainless steel which can withstand highly corrosive enviroments, such as saltwater. End are welded to prevent the opening of the D-ring under heavy loads, which makes it perfect to be used az an attachment or load bearing point.


    • Inner width: 50mm

    • Inner height: 36mm

    • Wire diameter: 6mm

  • Size
    52mm X 47mm (inner width X inner height) 6mm (wire diameter)
    AISI 316 / A4
    0 pc
    Article No.
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