350 Paracord Fluor Green Camo

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Kimért és darabaros termékeink mennyiségi kedvezménnyel vásárolhatóak meg eredeti, gyártói kiszerelésükben. A kedvezmény csak akkor érvényesíthető, ha a rendelt mennyiség a megadott egységcsomagolás egész számú többszöröse.

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Fluor green camo 350 Paracord

Like all paracords, our fluor green 350 paracord is a very versatile utility cord. Easy to weave or make knots with it, having high breaking strength. The sheet is UV resistant and withstands abrasion.


What can you use fluor green camo 350 paracord for?

You can use it as a drying-line, for building tents, fastening tools or equipment on your backpack or car. Of course, you can use it to make paracord bracelets, dog and cat collars, leashes and many more.

Main attributes of the fluor green camo 350 paracord:

  • Diameter: 3 mm
  • Core: made of three independent yarns
  • Weight: 4 g/m
  • Material: nylon
  • Color: fluor green, black camo

Please be advised!!

Every 350 paracords produced and sold by Dark Tactical applies to our quality report, has the average breaking strength of 260 kg (measurement taken with 10 separate samples) which tops the requirement of the original MIL-C-5040H Type IIA military standard.

350 paracords are the main materials for making survival paracord bracelets. They can be used for making your favorite bracelets, dog leashes and collars, keychains, furthermore they can be used on a wide scale for hiking and camping activities, mountaineering or in any situation, where a high breaking strength, good quality utility rope is needed.

Dark Tactical Paracord 350 warranty

Dark Tactical guarantees the quality of its parachute cords under all circumstances, meaning that if the cords, their sheath or their core are found damaged, we will exchange the damaged product to twice its original size! Please bear in mind that the warranty only applies to unused cords!

Please take note that the base units of our cords are 50, 100 and 200m. If the ordered quantity differs from the base units, withdrawal of the ordered products is not available (See our Policy, Paragraph 10.)

The offer goes for one meter, which is the smallest available quantity to order.

Paracord 350
3 mm
Dark Tactical
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