Paracord Grab Bag - Premium

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Paracord Grab Bag - premium

Cords in this box come from leftovers of our paracord rolls, withdrawn orders or otherwise unused/unsold paracords. Each piece in the bag is at least 1m long!


Main attributes of the paracord grab bag premium:

  • The premium grab bag contains the following type of cords: phosphorescent, reflective, kevlar, metal
  • The product contains original Dark Tactical paracords and microcords, leftovers from paracord rolls, withdrawn orders, etc.

  • The pieces are completely random, depending on the available pieces at the time of assembling the bag.

  • Contains 250g of paracord (+/- 5%)

  • Dark Tactical paracord warranty does NOT apply to cords in these bags.

  • The overall length of the cords in the grab bag is around 40m, each piece is at least one meter long!

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