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Product Details

Protec Classic Helmet

Stock: Black + S:  3 pc
Black + M:  5 pc
Grey + M:  2 pc
Black + L:  0 pc
Grey + L:  0 pc
Black + XL:  1 pc
Grey + XL:  0 pc
pro-tec classic védősisak
  • pro-tec classic védősisak
  • pro-tec classic védősisak
13 990 Ft
Discount: 9 990 Ft9990
Begin: 16/02/2018   While stocks last!

Pro-Tec Classic Protective Helmet


The Classic is high durability, lightweight and comfortable helmet, suitable for almost any kind of extreme sports or even law-enforcement use due to the durable and lightweight outer shell, and the high quality EPS foam insert.

  • Main attributes of the Pro-Tec Classic Helmet:


    The Classic works perfectly not only during skating or cycling, it is suitable for airsoft and paintball games and even law enforcement use when ballistic protection is not needed.


    The lightweight outer shell of the helmet is made with the Hardshell technology, due to this the helmet can withstand multiple impacts, while it is durable against hard weather, rain, and UV. The next layer is made of EPS foam, which absorbs the energy of the impact, thus protecting the wearer from head injuries, while the inside of the helmet is a comfortable insert fixing with velcro. The top of the head is made of mesh fabric to provide comfort and reduce sweating during use.


    Pro-Tec helmets are widely used on the field by soldiers and law enforcement workers, due to the strict quality control of the manufacturer the helmets can withstand even in the most harsh environment as it can be seen in the Pro-Tec Helmets and Special Forces article on Future War Stories website.


    To order the right size, please check the size table!


  • Type
    Black / Grey
    S / M / L / XL
    Black + S:  3 pc
    Black + M:  5 pc
    Grey + M:  2 pc
    Black + L:  0 pc
    Grey + L:  0 pc
    Black + XL:  1 pc
    Grey + XL:  0 pc
    Article No.
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