Snigel Design short speed magazine pouch coyote

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Snigel Design short speed magazine pouch coyote
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Snigel Design short speed magazine pouch coyote

The size is easily changed with the elastic cord. Low profile to make it easier to work in an open hatch or in a car.
The elastic string closure in the top is fast and easy to open. It is threaded through an eye let further down than normal, this makes it easier to fold the elastic string to the side when you want to remove the magazine fast. The pull tab is designed to work with magazines with an angled bottom.



Main attributes of the Snigel Design short speed magazine pouch oyote

The universal flap, 25-00007-00-000 can be attached on the magazine pouch. The flap has a silent hook opening that is easy and fast to use.
Low cut to make it faster to remove the magazine.
Inside Velcro patches were small holders for pistol magazines or grenades can be attached
25 mm MOLLE bands on the outside so you can attach other pouches on the outside.
Two or more magazine pouches can be attached outside each other.
Eyelet in the bottom to let water out.
Tuck in the attachment system makes it possible to attach the pouch on any equipment vest or belt. The attachment systems is easy to use both on standard 25 mm MOLLE systems as well as on the Swedish 20 mm system or on 50 or 60 mm belts. The dual holder insert -12, 25-00307-09-000 can be used to hold smaller magazines inside the short speed magazine pouch -12. The insert has 2 elastic holders with adjustable length bottom

possible to attach the pouch without removing other pouches from the belt.


  • Dimensions: H=8cm, W=11cm & D=3cm

  • Weight: 70g
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