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Product Details

Tactical Foodpack - Rice and Pork

Stock: 25 pc
Tactical foodpack katonai túra MRE étel sertés rizseshús
  • Tactical foodpack katonai túra MRE étel sertés rizseshús

Tactical Foodpack - Rice and Pork


The new generation of pre-made food arrived! Tactical Foodpack is a Freeze-Dryed foodpack made according to the needs and experiences of special-operation soldiers. Each foodpack is tasty, lightweight with high calory-content, made only of natural ingredients whithout preservatives. Dont be affraid though, Tactical Foodpack can be stored up to five years without any trace of downgoing in the quallity.

Lactose and glutene free product!

  • Main attributes of the Tactical Foodpack - Rice and Pork:

    Thick and durable plastic ensures that the foodpack can be stored and carried without danger of damage, while the strong and reliable plastic closure can keep the food inside the package even after the meal is made.

    To make the foodpack ready to eat, we only need 300ml hot or cold water, with which the containment of the package has to be mixed throughoutly. After mixing the water in the meal, you only have to wait 8-16 minutes (for hot water 8 minutes is preffered, for cold water 16 minutes is preferred) to enjoy your meal.

    Tactical Foodpack does not contain any kind of preservative, contrary to other similar foodpacks. Thanks to this we can always enjoy the original taste and consistency of the natural ingredients!

    Lactose and glutene free product!


    • Weight: 115g

    • Calory containment: 565kcal


    • Rice

    • Water

    • Port (15%)

    • Carrots

    • Onion

    • Tomato sauce (tomatoes 30%, water)

    • rapeseed oil

    • sugar

    • salt

    • spices

    Nutrition facts
    Nutritive Per serving per 100g
    Calories 565kcal/2370kJ 492kcal/2061kJ
    Fat 22g 19g
    Incl. saturated fats
    7g 6g
    Carbohydrates 68g 60g
    Incl. sugars
    6g 5,2g
    Protein 21g 18g
    Salt 2,1g 1,9g


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