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Sleipner 6X45 Steel Bar

Stock: 6mm X 45mm X 250mm:  0 pc
6mm X 45mm X 500mm:  0 pc
Sleipner 6X45 Steel Bar
3 885 Ft3885
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Sleipner 6X45 Steel Bar


Sleipner steel is a chrome-molybden-vanadium alloyed tool steel, which is ideal for DIY and professional knife makers.

  • Main attributes of the Sleipner tool steel:


    This chrome-molybden-vanadium alloyed tool steel has many outstanding properties. Because of this, it is an ideal material for DIY and professional knife makers also, due to its great abrasion resistance, good through-hardening properties and machinability.

    Other specifications of the Sleipner steel:

    • Good wear resistance
    • Good chipping resistance
    • High compressive strength
    • High hardness (>60 HRC) after high temperature tempering
    • Good through-hardening properties
    • Good stability in hardening
    • Good resistance to tempering back
    • Good WEDM properties
    • Good machinability and grindability
    • Good surface treatment properties



    Technical data sheet available on the following link:

    Material is sold for experienced use only! Be advised, we do not take responsibility for any failure, damage or harm caused by improper usage.

  • Type
    6mm X 45mm (cross-section)
    6mm X 45mm (keresztmetszet)
    C0,9; Cr7,8; Mn0,5; Mo2,5; V0,5; Si0,9%
    6mm X 45mm X 250mm:  0 pc
    6mm X 45mm X 500mm:  0 pc
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