Velcro Loop fastener panel

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Velcro Loop fastener panel
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Velcro Hook and Loop Fastener Panel

Woven quality with great horizontal tensile strength for intensive use; opens and closes effortlessly 10,000 times.

Hook and loop tape can be made of polyamide or polyester, depending on the type of use required. All hook and loop tapes are tested for use of harmful substances and are certified according to Öko-Tex Standard 100 Class II (certificate number 60414302).
Additionally, the hook and loop tapes satisfy the requirements of DIN 3415 and are manufactured in accordance with the REACH Regulation 1907/2006.


Main attributes of the Velcro Loop Fastener Panel

Velcro loop fastener panel is sold per 0,5meter. This high-quality fasteners is suitable for producing military grade equipment because of its great performance and high-quality material. It gives the best possible closure even in extreme conditions.

  • Width: 205 cm
  • Standards: Öko Test Standard 100 Class II; EN 6330; EN 12242; EN 13780
  • Shearing stress load ability: 2 N/cm
  • Pulling stress load ability: 10 N/cm

Sold for professional use! Please only order the products if you're familiar with the necessary technology and have the necessary tool park for working with this material. Our company does not take responsibility for the improper use of the material.

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