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Established in 1984 in Poland, WISPORT is a manufacturer of superior outdoor equipment.

Wisport specialize in designing and manufacturing a wide range of backpacks: trekking, tourist, military, survival, hunting, city, and specialist. They offer also includes skiing and trekking socks, gaiters, and an extensive choice of accessories. They are also a highly regarded provider of bespoke designs and manufacturing. Their customers include over 100 retailers across Europe.

Wisport takes great care to provide innovative designs and advanced materials, however their greatest focus for 3 decades has been on quality.

Leaders of the company believe that customers should be able to rely on ther products in every possible situation: they constantly endeavor to improve all of their products at every stage of its life cycle. The projects, resources, and manufacturing methods are revised and improved on a permanent basis in order to take advantage of the latest developments in design and materials. They continually work with the most demanding customers, such as professional travellers and Special Forces, as well as our suppliers and retailers in order to offer the best possible product range that will meet and exceed all expectations.

By many products, Special Operation Units of the Polish Army participated in the designing process, and helped the company by taking new products right on the field for the most rough test possible ont he world: test of the real life with unexpected situations, far from ideal circumstances.

Because the process of designing and manufacturing is still located in Poland, the company is able to keep its high standards regarding the manufacturing process and quallity of the end products ont he same desired level, with which they started their respectful work, in which the trict selection of labor force also helps Wisport.

Since 2012, the manufacturer of WISPORT branded products is BAGAR company.