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iPROTEC is a division of Alliance Sports Group, parent company of NEBO®, one of the world’s best-selling lines of innovative, consumer-friendly flashlights and tools. Ever changing, and never compromising, the company carefully takes the products through the entire process – from concept, to manufacturing, to the end consumer. The greatest reward is the satisfaction of millions of consumers who continue to buy and love NEBO and iPROTEC products.  

Each flaslight is built to the most rigid specifications and featuring the latest in firearm technology, iProtec is proud to offer  complete line of iPROTEC® branded gun lights, lasers, scopes and accessories. Designed for home security, hunting and the gun enthusiasts alike, iProtec provides the peace of mind that comes with reliability, performance and value. Prices of iProtec products are low- compared to many big flashlight manufacturing company - thanks to the carefully made design and reasonable manufacturing processes.

All iPROTEC products are compact, easy to handle and lightweight, so they won’t interfere with the balance and design of the firearm. Expertly designed and meticulously crafted, iPROTEC lights are powered by long-lasting lithium batteries and advanced circuitry to maximize life. With every iPROTEC products, you have the assurance of quality and craftsmanship that match the same standard you expect in your firearms and gear.

However, gunlights are not the only products offered be this great manufacturer: iProtec manufactures great flashlights and torches , these products are ideal for hikers and campers, or if you would like to enhance the quallity and effectiveness of your EDC, choose one of these greatly reliable, long lasting products. Keep in mind, that iProtec offers one year warranty for every of their products. Any item that does not perform properly due to a manufacturer’s defect (excluding normal wear and tear or batteries) can be returned for a warranty replacement.