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Product Details

iPROTEC Chameleon Flashlight

Stock: 4 pc
iprotec chameleon több színű zseblámpa
  • iprotec chameleon több színű zseblámpa
  • iprotec chameleon több színű zseblámpa
  • iprotec chameleon több színű zseblámpa
6 590 Ft6590

iPROTEC Chameleon Flashlight


The Chameleon has a high-power, color-changing LED that outputs white, green and red light. Hard/Soft Touch Technology allows you to easily cycle through the four impressive light modes.

  • Main attuributes of the iPROTEC Chameleon Flashlight:


    Light source is a high-power 120 LUX color-changing LED with white (120 LUX, 4h runtime), green (80 LUX, 5h runtime) and red light (60 LUX, 7h runtime) and a strobe mode (100 LUX, 3h runtime. The LED is powered by 1 piece of AA battery (included) which is held by the aircraft grade aluminium body which comes with a steel belt/pocket clip.

    The Chameleon has a convex lens which is capable of 4X zoom, while the whole body is water and impact resistant.

    The power button is placed on the rear, made of glow in the dark plastic, switches modes with just a soft touch.


    Other Specifications:

    • Length - 4.25”
    • Diameter  – 1” (Head) / 0.75” (Barrel)
    • Weight – 0.2 lbs.


  • Type
    10,8 cm x 2,5 cm (Lenght X Diameter)
    Light Source
    120 LUX LED
    1db AA battery
    4 pc
    Article No.
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