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Product Details

DarkTac AK Mag Drop Pouch

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7 500 Ft7500

DarkTac AK Mag Drop Pouch

AK mag drop pouch for all type of AK74 and 47 magazines

  • Main attributes of DarkTac AK Mag Drop Pouch:

    Many of our customers found standard mag pouches unsuitable for AK-s, because of their small size. They can hold only a few of AK47 or 74 magazines safely, the mags often fall out from the pouch. Our goal was to create a magazine drop pouch which can take at least 4 of any kind of AK magazines.

    The pouch can be fixed to any molle platform or tactical belt. It can be rolled up to either side, the velcro fixes it safely and like this you can use it as a smaller pouch, but you can adjust it to full size any time.

    The pouch can store up to 10 AK magazines (standard 30 round capacity), with the skirt rolled up, the inner capacity can be extended with 30%.

  • Manufacturer
    Dark Tactical
    1100D Cordura
    0 pc
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