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Product Details

DarkTac Dog Collar

  • Darktac-Collar
  • Darktac-Collar

DarkTac Dog Collar

Custom made dog collars made of heavy duty 44 and 32mm webbings with 32mm AustriAlpin Cobra buckle.

  • Main attributes of DarkTac Dog Collar:

    • The Cobra buckles made by AustriAlpin are the highest quality alpine buckles so far with 9kN opening resistance and 18kN breaking strength. The safety two point opening is a unique feature of the Cobra buckle: the buckle keeps the 9 kN opening resistance even if one of the opening sides are pulled, the buckle only opens by simultaneously pulling both opening sides, like this accidental opening is not available!
    • AustriAlpin D-rings with 20kN breaking strength.
    • Thank to the design, collars have wide size adjustment.
    • Base made from 44mm wide, double layered webbing with 20kN breaking strength, due to its width, the collar won't hurt the dogs neck.
    • 32mm webbing with fitting sized cobra buckle on the outer side for easy handling.
    • Both webbings meet the MIL-4088 standard.
  • Manufacturer
    Dark Tactical
    Oliv, Coyote, Black
    Article No.
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