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Product Details

EMT Shears

Stock: 5,5:  40 pc
7,5:  39 pc
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  • kötszervágó olló
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2 000 Ft2000

EMT Shears

EMT shears for military use

  • Main attributes of EMT Shears:

    • The shear is able to cut clothes and softer equipments, in case of emergency it can also cut thinner metal sheets or plastic equipments!
    • The blunt point and the unsharpened, saw like blade makes the shear safe in any situations and carriage.
    • The plastic handle provides comfortable hold, while the stainless steel blades ensure durability.
    • The black blades will not reflect any light, the colored balde helps concealing
    • Total lenght is 5,5" or 7,5"
    • Depending of use, you can buy the EMT shears in multiple colors.
    • All shears can be sterilized multiple times!
    Attention! The product is not packaged sterile, but can be sterilized!
  • Manufacturer
    Dark Tactical
    5,5" / 7,5"
    Stainless Steel
    5,5:  40 pc
    7,5:  39 pc
    Article No.
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