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Product Details

ESS Crossbow Suppressor 2X Kit

Stock: 2 pc
ess crossbow supressor lövész szemüveg készlet
  • ess crossbow supressor lövész szemüveg készlet

ESS Crossbow Suppressor 2X Kit

Crossbow Suppressor 2X kits include two fully-assembled eyeshields, one for use with ear cups and one for normal, non-ear-cup use

  • Main attributes of ESS Crossbow Suppressor 2X Kit:

    • Featuring Z-BendGeometry, the frame's ultra-thin temple arms help keep noise out by minimizing the effect on the padded seal of ear cups.
    • The slim temples eliminate the hot spots and pressure points that commonly occur when normal eyewear is worn under ear cups: 
    • The Suppressor frame is compatible with all Crossbow® lenses.
    • These 2.4mm Polycarbonate lenses feature distortion-free ESSOPTICS™ and ClearZone™ FlowCoat technology to combat fogging on the inside and scratches on the outside.
    • The frame's DedBolt Lens Lock provides quick lens interchange and rock-solid retention under impact. 
    • Ballistic Protection standards: U.S. MIL SPEC MIL-PRF- 31013 (Clause, ANSI Z87.1-2010, MCEPS, U.S. Federal OSHA, CE EN 166 FTKN.
    • As part of the ESS Cross-Series ™ eyeshield platform, all Crossbow® components are compatible and fully interchangeable with the ESS Crosshair™ and ESS Suppressor ™. For example, you can upgrade a Crosshair™ to premium Crossbow® anti-fog lenses--including ANSI-rated Polarized--or adapt for hearing protection use with the ultra-thin Suppressor™ frame.
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