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Product Details

Gorilla Epoxy

Stock: 4 pc
Main category >Shop by brand >Gorilla Glue
1 930 Ft1930
Unit price: 77 Ft/ml

Gorilla Epoxy extra-strong glue 25ml

With its superior solvent and water resistance, Gorilla Epoxy is incredibly strong and durable for household and automotive repairs alike. The easy-to-use syringe keeps the resin and hardener separate, so it is easy to dispense and won’t harden over time. The two-part, gap-filling formula easily bonds steel, aluminium, wood, ceramic, tile and most plastics. Plus, it dries in an ideal, crystal-clear finish that makes projects look spotless.

  • Main attributes of Gorilla Epoxy extra-strong glue 25ml: 

    • Dries Clear: Ideal for clean, easy finishing
    • 5 Minute Set: Plenty of repositioning time for the perfect fit.
    • Gap-Filling: Fills voids and bonds uneven and vertical surfaces.
    • Water Resistant: Withstands moderate exposure to water
    • Solvent resistant
    • Non-Toxic once cured
    • Easy-to-use syringe: Separate barrels of epoxy resin and hardener keep epoxy from hardening, plus syringe dispenses evenly and includes a cap for multiple uses.
    • Quantity: 25ml
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