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Product Details

Kydex Spacer - Hex

Stock: 15 mm:  18 pc
20 mm:  22 pc
90 Ft90

Plastic spacers for kydex holsters - Hex


These plastic spacers, available in two different sizes are used for kydex holsters and belt loops. Distance between kydex sheets and thickness of beltloops are easily adjustable with these products, however the durable polyamide plastic ensures stability and strength.


Hex spacers differs from our normal kydex spacers; each hex spacer is threaded on both sides, therefore compatible with any M4 threaded screw.

  • Main attributes of the hex kydex spacer:


    Made of rigid but durable polyamid plastic, with inner and outer diameter especially choosen for screws, beltloops and other parts which are used especially for kydex holsters.


    Hex kydex spacers are threaded on both sides, therefore they are compatible with any screw with M4 thread.


    Available in two sizes to make sure you can get the perfect fitting for your holster. Spacers can be shortened by choice easily by sawing them.


    Other specifitations of the plastic spacers:

    • Side distance: 7mm
    • Thread: M4
    • Lenght: 15mm, 20mm
    • Color: Black
    • Material: Polyamid


    For professional use only!

  • Ordered quantityDisc.Product Price
    1 pc more thanless than 25 pcNone!90 Ft/pc
    25 pc more thanless than 100 pc5 %86 Ft/pc
    100 pc more than 10 %81 Ft/pc
  • Manufacturer
    Dark Tactical
    15 mm:  18 pc
    20 mm:  22 pc
    Article No.
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